Extended Unemployment Benefits In Wisconsin: Eligibility & Payment

More About The Extended Unemployment Benefits In Wisconsin?

On Wednesday, 2 December, The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development announced that Wisconsin residents were eligible to start applying for the extended benefits (EB). The Department could be able to trigger EB as the unemployment rate in Wisconsin had been at its highest level. In the program of Extended Benefits, residents are eligible to receive unemployment insurance (UI) for another 13 weeks.

The first pay week under this program will be retroactive from the week that ends on May 23, 2020, or the first week following the claimant has exhausted all benefits from the Pandemic Emergency and Regular Employment Compensation (PEUC) Program. The last week that is payable is the week that runs through the month of November 2020.

Extended Unemployment Benefits In Wisconsin

Who Qualifies For The Extended Unemployment Benefits In Wisconsin?

  • You should exhaust all benefits you receive from the regular unemployment program
  • If you exhaust the benefits that you receive through this Pandemic Emergency Compensation program.
  • Aren’t eligible to be eligible for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program.
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How To Apply For The Extended Unemployment Benefits In Wisconsin?

People who have exhausted their benefits of the traditional unemployment benefit or PEUC are required to file an application to the Department. Wisconsin additional unemployment application is available within the “Important Messages” section of the dashboard for claimants.

People who have exhausted their benefits and aren’t receiving them will be informed of EB eligibility via mail.

How Many Benefits Will You Receive Under The Extended Benefits Program?

You will be able to receive the same amount you would receive under the normal unemployment program. The maximum benefits for unemployment in Wisconsin amount to $370, as well as the min $54.

Will You Receive Extended Benefits If You Are Recently Unemployed?

There is no, you’ll not be eligible for Extended Benefits if lost your job in the last few months. However, you can still apply to join a regular Unemployment Insurance program.

  • You are completely or partially unemployed, and this is not due to any reason of your own.
  • Your weekly earnings will be reduced
  • You’ve worked at a certain minimum hours
  • You’ve earned minimum wage

The majority of the time, the Department has you meet the requirements for a job search as well. However, this requirement is currently exempted because of the epidemic.

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Documents Required

You must provide specific information when you apply to receive Wisconsin benefits for unemployment. This includes:

  • Your name is
  • Your email address
  • Your employers’ name
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your email and phone number address.
  • Your employers’ contact information

Applying For Wisconsin Unemployment Benefits

You are able to submit an application for Wisconsin unemployment assistance in just six easy steps.

Step 1– Visit my.unemployment.wisconsin.gov

2. Read carefully the conditions and terms of the contract.

Step 3. Create an account username and password

4. – Log in to your account

5. Step 5: Fill in the application

6. – – Submit your application

The Department will examine your application and send an amount for the benefit that you be entitled to. Department will notify you explaining why your application was denied.

However, you could be eligible for the pandemic unemployment Assistance program that was announced in the CARES Act. The program offers benefits that last up to 39 weeks and will expire on the 26th of December, 2020.

A Pandemic Assistance program offers assistance to those who aren’t eligible for benefits such as individuals who are self-employed, freelancers, and gig-workers.

Final Words

Thanks to the Extended Benefits, you are now able to collect benefits for a period of 52 consecutive weeks within Wisconsin. If you’re within Wisconsin, and you have used up all benefits, make an immediate application, take your benefits and cover your basic needs.

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