Ohio Unemployment Benefits

Apply for Unemployment Insurance (UI) for Ohio in the event of unemployment for financial support until you can find a new job.

Learn the information about requirements for eligibility, the documents needed to claim benefits such as benefits extensions. you’ll need to be aware of this in order to file an Ohio unemployment claim and get benefits without any hassles.

Ohio Unemployment Benefits


Monetary Eligibility

The requirements for receiving unemployment insurance to be eligible for unemployment benefits in Ohio include that the applicant has earned enough to be covered’ in the period of the base.

You have to have at least twenty weeks of covered work within the base time period, and a weekly average of at least $261 in your base time. Additionally, your previous employment must be covered that have paid the required Unemployment Insurance taxes.

If you’ve worked in less than twenty days or worked with an employer that has not paid UI taxes You will not be qualified for UI advantages in Ohio.

If you’ve not worked for at least 20 weeks or if the average weekly earnings in your base period are not more than the set minimum wage that is $261. You could choose to verify your eligibility by using the other base periods.

A second other base date is the final four calendar quarters prior to the start of the benefit duration.

To calculate the weekly benefit amount for determining the weekly benefit amount, the Ohio state Ohio is a 3-step process:

  • Calculate your weekly average wage by dividing the total amount earned in the base period by the number of weeks that qualify in which you’ve worked during the base time. If, for instance, your wages totaled $30,00 with 30 weeks of qualifying the average weekly wage will be (30,000/30) 1,000 average weekly earnings.
  • Find the 50 percent of the average weekly wage earned in the base time.
  • Find out the number of dependents you have. You could receive greater benefits if you have dependents to look after. Here’s the highest unemployment benefit amount you can get in Ohio:
    • If you don’t have any dependents, and you earn weekly earnings of more than $886 for the base time the highest you can earn is $443.
    • If you have one to two dependents and earn an average weekly wage of more than $1,074 The maximum benefit amount you can get is $537.
    • In addition, if you have three dependents or more and earn a weekly salary of $1,196 or higher then you could earn up to $598.
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Job Separation

The reason you separated from the previous company plays a major role in determining your eligibility in the process of obtaining unemployment insurance. The law of the state of Ohio requires that you not have lost your previous job because on your own.

Also, the job you left the position with a “good reason’ or your employer has to have dismissed you without a “good cause for them to believe that you left the previous company because of no-fault that you incurred.

The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services broadly categorizes reasons for separation from employment as:

  • Inability to work If you are unable to keep your job due to a lack of work or a decreased incapacity to work in your company It would be deemed as if you were fired without fault of your own.
  • You can quit or leave your job If you decide to resign or leave your previous employer even though you were able to stay on, it will be deemed that you contributed to yourself to be unemployed. Some acceptable just causes are:
    • Your employer has not met the requirements of the employment agreement.
    • Your employer did not provide the proper safety measures as required by law
    • Your employer has violated moral, ethical, or legally binding norms in the workplace.
  • Discharged or fired If you’ve been dismissed by the employer you worked for, then you could not be entitled to unemployment benefits. If your employer proves your dismissal due to an ‘unjust cause’, you won’t be eligible for UI benefits.
  • Unemployment due to a leave of absence If you lose your job because of the decision you made to take an unintentional leave and you are not qualified for benefits from UI in Ohio
  • Unemployed as a result of labor disputes If you’re not working due to labor conflicts that are not a lockout, you are not qualified to receive unemployment benefits in Ohio
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Maintaining Eligibility

In order to receive your unemployment benefits without any hassle be sure to meet these conditions:

  • Physically and mentally ready to work
  • If you intend to attend classes, you must inform ODJFS in writing in order to not be eligible for benefits in the next week.
  • You must be eager to work during your benefits weeks until you find a job. You have to submit your work-search report each when you file for benefits
  • At minimum two employers each week to work, and the evidence for this must be included in your work-search report
  • As soon as your application gets approved, you must make sure to register with www.OhioMeansJobs.com
  • You could be requested from the Department to go to the program called Reemployment Services in order to aid in finding employment before exhausting your benefits.
  • You must accept any deal offered to you regardless of whether it is a matter of the shifts. Failure to accept the offer could cause the cancellation of your benefits
  • The most crucial requirement is to declare all income in a timely manner and in full. This must be repaid with a penalty to the applicants.

How To Apply For UI Benefits In Ohio?


You may apply for benefits online at unemployment.ohio.gov for immediate claim services throughout the day. You can apply for benefits all day, seven all week.

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If you don’t have a computer, you can visit your local library, or the OhioMeansJobs center, where computers are offered to the public for use.


You can also file claims or renew an existing claim with phone calls. Call 1 877 644-6562 or if you want to make use of the TTY line dial 1-14-387-8408 between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Thursday (except the holidays) to submit your claims. You could receive quicker service If you call us on Wednesday, Tuesday or Thursday.

How To File Weekly Claims

You can sign in to your ODJFS online portal or make it by phone to file your weekly claim.

To ensure the security of the applicant, ODJFS mandates the users to establish an individual Identity Number (PIN) when they file for benefits for the first time. Be aware that your PIN will be granted the same legal force as the signature you sign on a paper form.

If you think that your PIN is compromised and somebody else finds it out, you must immediately reset it at www.unemployment.ohio.gov. You can also request a new pin by calling 1-866-962-4064 or visiting the processing center you have been assigned to.

Ohio Unemployment Phone Numbers

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services 614-644-2703
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Toll-Free 1-866-227-6353
Ohio Department of Job and Family Services TTY 1-866-221-6700
Ohio Legal service 1-866-529-6446
File for UI benefits in Ohio 1-877-644-6562
File for UI benefits in Ohio TTY 1-614-387-8408
To change your Email address 1-877-644-6562
To get a new PIN 1-866-962-4064
To get answers to questions relating to Appeal 1-877-574-0015


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