A Guide To Extra $300 Unemployment Benefits In New York

New York is one of the states that has received Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) approval to offer additional benefits for people who are unemployed. Although it was approved in August the state hasn’t started paying the benefits yet. If you’re looking for the date you will be able to receive the $300 unemployment compensation for New York, you have found the right website!

This article will inform you when the government will begin making payments for the benefits, and much more.

When will you be able to claim $300 unemployment benefits in New York?

Recently it was announced that The New York State Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it would begin giving the additional $300 per week benefits to residents without jobs starting next week. The payment will be retroactively applied to the weeks that ended on the 2nd of August 3, 9, and 16.

Extra $300 Unemployment Benefits In New York

Who Qualifies for $300 of Unemployment Benefits in New York?

  • Traditional or regular NY Unemployment Insurance (UI) Compensation
  • The Pandemic Emergency Compensation (PEUC)
  • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
  • Extended Benefits (EB) or any other federal program
  1. You must self-certify that you are either completely or partially unemployed because of an outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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Do you need to apply for additional Unemployment Benefits in New York?

According to the Department of Labor in the state, Department Of Labor, if you already receive a payment under the regular unemployment program, and have been certified as having lost your job because of the pandemic when you filed your initial request, you should not undertake any further actions. The Department will contact you by email or text message confirming that you’ve been pre-qualified to receive these additional advantages.

However, if you’re not been certified, you need to complete it within the shortest time possible and if you fail to do so, you could not be eligible for additional benefits.

It is important to note that you can be certified beginning on September 11th, Friday. If you’re certifying over the phone, you can call 833-491-0632, an automated phone system. However, if you’re certificating online, follow the steps in the DocuSign certificate sent to you by DOL.

Note The company will begin to send the payments next week provided that you are self-certified before 5 pm on September 15th.

How Long Will Benefits be Expire in The State?

The funding through the LWA program will be accessible until December 2020, unless one of the following occurs before the time limit.

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  1. The $44 billion put aside to fund the LWA program have been drained.
  2. The remaining balance of the National Disaster Relief Fund falls below $25 billion.
  3. Congress is replacing the LWA program.

What to Do If Your Additional Benefits Aren’t Accepted?

If you are denied benefits however you believe that you are eligible to receive benefits, you can apply for an appeal against unemployment. The appeal form is that is attached to the Determination Notice asks for a hearing with the Department. If the form isn’t attached, fill out the form online on the department’s website.

At the conference, you are able to provide evidence and arguments.

After scrutinizing the evidence. the judge will then make his or her opinion.

If you’re not satisfied with the decision of the Administrative Law Judge you may file an appeal with the Unemployment Insurance Appeal Board (UIAB). You must submit your appeal by writing within 20 days from your Administrative Law Judge’s decision.

The UIAB will look over your appeal and issue a Notice of Acceptance of Appeal that will explain how to make a statement of appeal and an Appeal Board case number.

You may request to look over the transcript of your hearing prior to submitting your written statement. If you would like to look over the transcript, authorities will issue an official notice once the transcript is made accessible.

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The UIAB does not require additional evidence. It is based on written statements and other documents provided in the appeal, as well as the evidence presented during the hearing with an Administrative Law Judge.

After hearing arguments and examining evidence After hearing arguments and examining evidence, the UIAB will issue its verdict. If you don’t agree with it You can make an appeal to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, Third Judicial Department.

Note Take care to do not miss the hearing. If you are in an emergency situation and you’re not able to attend the hearing, you can request an extension.

How To Reschedule A Hearing?

If you want to change the date of the hearing, contact the authorities concerned and request an adjournment, citing that same motive.

Can You Redeem Benefits If You’re Recently Unemployed?

You’ll be eligible for $300 unemployment benefits dependent on your status as a worker as of August 2020. If you’ve been laid off in the month of September, then you might not be eligible for benefits, instead, you’ll be able to receive the regular unemployment insurance program in New York.

Final Words

The Department has begun sending out emails to New Yorkers who are eligible to be notified the New Yorkers of the status of their payments. If you’re also anticipating the payment be on the lookout for any messages from DOL and get in touch immediately in the event that it needs an additional certificate.